Health and Nutrition

Health and NutritionAcross the country it is noticeable that indigenous and other marginalized peoples are in poor health, usually reflected by their high mortality rates and malnutrition among children. The reasons for this vary but are traceable to the introduction of modern foodways that they have adopted, especially their reliance on the subsidized foods supplied by state governments. As a result of these interventions, along with the entrance of fast foods in their diets, many indigenous communities suffer poor health.

To counter some of the effects of ill-health this theme documents the NTFP EP network’s initiatives on wild foods (uncultivated forest foods that include both plant and animal foods, the techniques of collection, processing, storage and consumption); ways to treat common ailments with locally available medicinal plants; medicinal plant gardens and traditional practitioners; the establishment of kitchen gardens and their contribution to food security in indigenous communities, etc. Some of these activities are ongoing, some need to be introduced or upgraded.