NTFP Desks

Over the years various “Desks” have been established within the network. Each Desk concentrates on a particular NTFP and is held by a partner who has expertise in that particular field. The focus is to develop new techniques and tools for value addition about the NTFP, provide information on its ecology, training on use, sustainable harvesting methods, traditional practices, markets, etc. Some Desks are in place since 3-4 years , and new ones are proposed:

  1. Fibre Desk – Prakruti
  2. Wild Honey Desk – Keystone Foundation
  3. Gums and Resins Desk – Kovel Foundation
  4. Lac Desk – RCDC
  5. Mahua Desk – LEAF and PRERAK
  6. Sal Desk – Gram Swaraj
  7. Bamboo Desk – Econet
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[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Wild Honey  – Keystone Foundation”] KFKeystone Foundation has been working with Forest Honey and holds the Honey Desk.
The Honey desk will build expertise on all 4 honey bee species:

  • Apis dorsata – Rock Bee
  • Apis cerana – Hive honey
  • Apis florea – Little honey bee
  • Trigona spp. – Stingless/Dammer Bees

The desk will organise resource material, conduct training programmes and aim to work in all the partner areas where traditional honey gathering is done.

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